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Posted by Breaux Albert on Thursday, 20 February, 2020 17:37:31

I am so disgusted, I am on the verge of wasting thousands of dollars to refinance with another company. As of 1 Jan 19, I am a 100% disabled veteran - I have been trying to get Amerihome to adjust my mortgage payment to reflect my 100% property tax exemption for over 6 weeks. I have provided all the required documents from county.

AmeriHome terrible at loan servicing. AmeriHome may be good at loan origination but they are terrible at loan servicing. While attempting to correct an incorrect county tax amount on their Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement, I have emailed and faxed the correct information to the various numbers and email addresses provided by their customer service department only to hear that they

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Payment can be made before or immediately after the inspection by Personal Check or Money Order. If you prefer to pay by credit card, AmeiHome Advisors, LLC, dba Amerihome Inspection Services accepts Master Card, Visa on-line prior to viewing your Inspection report.

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Forbearance: A temporary reduction or suspension of your monthly mortgage obligation. This is designed to help borrowers whose hardship is temporary, such as short term disability or unemployment. Repayment Plan: A scheduled payment arrangement that results in bringing your loan current at its conclusion.