Fake Netflix Email New Login

Beware fake Netflix email trying to steal your credit card

Fake Netflix Email New Login

Posted by Brian Alhertine on Thursday, 27 February, 2020 13:45:35

Many of us know that Netflix is giving one month free for new users. You can easily get 1-month free subscription. Without any cost, you can enjoy your any favorite movies from the world and your tv episodes. As a new user of Netflix, you can avail one-month free trial offers to access all the content in the websites.

The catch in creating a Gmail email is that, as your free trial is going to expire after 30 days, you simply cancel the existing membership (if you used your original credit card) and re-create a Netflix account with fake card or other payment method listed in the article - here you use a misspelled form of your email address and the Netflix

A new email scam is targeting thousands of Netflix customers and attempting to trick them into handing over their credit card details, cyber security experts say. Users are being sent a convincing

The email then threatens to suspend the user's Netflix account, unless they follow a fake link where Netflix login and credit card details are requested. Although there are several telltale signs that the email is fake, such as some odd wording and the suspicious request for such compromising information outright, the email scam does seem very

Watch out for Netflix email scam that looks like the real deal A link in the email takes users to a fake Netflix page where you are invited to input your bank details. It is realistic and will

A new phishing email scam targeting millions of Netflix subscribers attempts to trick users into providing their credit card information. A phishing email tries to trick Netflix users into